I’m sorry for yelling, but they keep appearing on my dashboard and I don’t want people to be duped. Especially now she’s decided to make more Tom Hiddleston ones.


She has started making part of the gifs align with things he ‘supposedly’ said now, or making half of the quotes true quotes and the rest fake, in an attempt to make it appear legit. Do not fall for it, please.

I realize we all want some of these quotes to be true, because they’re pretty darn cute, but attributing things to someone that they never said is wrong. Unless them being fake is stated very clearly somewhere, which isn’t the case here. (If she labelled every post, there wouldn’t be an issue.) Though it’s understandable you reblogged some of them, getting lost in Tom’s beauty happens to the best of us. (Right, Chris?) ;)

If you have accidentally reblogged something by her and you do not believe in promoting - unwittingly or not - fake quotes, then please delete the post. Don’t give her the satisfaction of getting more likes and reblogs through you. (Of course if you don’t care they’re fake, that’s fine too. Then feel free to ignore this. XD)

Gosh, that was awfully soap-boxy of me, but the whole thing makes me very uncomfortable. Especially when I see it on my own dash. Sorry!

POSTED: 11 May 2013
TAGGED: #tom hiddleston #fuckyeahsterekfeels #fake quotes #robert downey jr
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